Breakthrough To “Best Seller”

For those who are considering writing a book, have an unpublished book, or a book that is lacking momentum.



  • Wednesday November 6th
  • 10am Pacfic
  • 11am Central
  • 1pm Eastern

Publishing a successful Book the traditional way has changed – you, as the author must change to succeed. In this FREE WEBINAR I will cover the 7 areas you need to understand to get your work into best seller status:

  • 1

    Creating a Best Seller in 90 days or less.

  • 2

    Creating a Best Seller in 90 days or less.

  • 3

    Positioning Your Book to Succeed

  • 4

    Choosing the Right Publishing Path

  • 5

    Steps to a successful book launch -Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • 6

    Getting Media Attention

  • 7

    How to spot rip offs and other time and money wasters in the publishing world.

With Chris Gibson, Best Selling Author & Publishing Expert

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 The book publishing process has evolved into a technology driven process. Success now relies on the ability of an author to gain an audience through multiple self directed paths. This has created 2 classes of authors.  The first class is the author whose book attains visibility and recondition in their genre with all the rewards that entails.

The second class is the author who produces work that is published but lacks the momentum and market focus to gain viability. These types of books and authors represent 98% of ALL published work.

I will share the hard earned secrets to I self- published to became a best selling author and the expert in my market. I will tell you how can position your book ( and therefore yourself)  as a best selling author in 90 days or less.

This webinar will be filling up soon! So claim your spot below!