I have searched for years for the best products in skin care and have even formulated my own all natural skin peel. During my research I discover this fantastic line of products...
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3 Steps to Clearer Skin

Everyone want’s their skin to look its best.  Unfortunately there seems to be a ton of conflicting information out there today on what works best. Acne breakouts can be a real problem for a lot of people. However, it doesn’t take complicated science to make a visible difference in your skin. A simple and easy way to start is by making these 3 changes to your skin care routine. You can see results in just days!

Step 1. Cleanse GENTLY  – switch to a glycerin or sorbitol based face wash. Check the label and make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol or sulfates ( sodium laureth sulfate) – these can strip too too much of the skins natural oils. Over dry skin ages more quickly and is actually more prone to breakouts.

Step 2. Exfoliate! You have probably heard of this step. While you do want to help the skin shed old and dead skin cells to keep pore open and clear you do not want to damage it with harsh scrubs and mechanical devices. A simple exfoliating sponge is all you need. Buf-Puf by 3M is an excellent choice for this.  You can also find other brands that work well.

Step 3.  Moisturize.  Surprise! Even oily skin needs moisturization. You want to apply an oil free moisturizer to cleaned skin so that the body doesn’t go into oil producing overdrive. Acne bacteria only thrives on the oil your body produces. Try applying a natural oil like olive, one or two drops before bed should be enough to keep skin happy and blemish free.

These 3 simple steps alone will create a healthier environment for your skin that reduces breakouts and allows for a fresh glow.



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Healthy Pets

This is fun for me to post information here on keeping pets healthy.
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