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Welcome to Chris Gibson Live – Your source for User Friendly Healthy Living!

Chris Gibson Live is a space – your space – to  get motivated, get inspired, and create the life you want! Whatever challenges are occurring in your life  be it health, money, relationships, even your own relationship with your Spirit.. are actually the doorway to the health, happiness, and a bountiful life.

We wanted to give you a place to ASK THE EXPERTS questions on areas of your life you want advice on.  We also wanted to give you more  access to Chris Gibson at the personal level. You can check out the  CONSULTATIONS sections to get information on how Chris can help you create the personalized user friendly lifestyle plan you are looking for.

ABC-PhotoWhatever the reason we hope you find what your looking for here! If it is a healthier way to care for you skin you will find all the information you need on the SKIN CARE page. Since Chris is a recognized expert on natural skin healing you will find plenty of video and written tips to clear up skin fast. You can read about his best selling book Acne Free in 3 Days.

Want to feel inspired, get new encouragement and uplifting energy?  We invite you to check out Life Boost – The Chris Gibson Blog   Here you will find a space that provides tools and relevant information that you can use to make a change in your life and just maybe in the world we all share. You will even fenjoy a laugh or two!

Maybe you just want to loose weight or get a healthier lifestyle plan for you or your family. Be sure to check out the LOOK GREAT – FEEL GREAT 7 DAY CHALLENGE and find out how to jump start your wellness. The program is free and will get you on your way.

More about Chris…

Chris Gibson’s work centers around helping people take back their power in the areas in which they give it away. Chris is known for working in health and wellness through his books on these subjects to radio and tv appearances and working with personal clients.

For Chris, the most rewarding thing is seeing someone break through the fog to real change in their life they can live and experience everyday.


Chris Gibson bust the myths about skin care and healthy lifestyles and give real advice that works. Best selling author Chris Gibson shares his story and the exact methods he used to clear up a 15 year long case of acne. Chris’s methods work so well that he is a frequent guest on shows such as Fox News and The Daily Buzz.

This book has helped chronic acne sufferers all over the world preventing the dreaded acne scarring and restoring self esteem. An acne free life can be yours with out drugs or over the counter medications! That acne free life can start today!!